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At Singh Automation, We offer custom automation and product development services from our headquarters in Kalamazoo, MI, a sales branch in Irvine, CA, and a remote office in India. Established in 2014, we’re authorized system integrators for Fanuc and Universal Robots. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a top priority, and we take pride in exceeding our client’s expectations. Our team of passionate professionals strives to learn and grow to provide exceptional service and support for all automation and development needs. Our vision is to be the partner that helps our customers succeed in automation. We stand behind our products and services, focused on innovation and next-gen robotics technology. With a commitment to assisting clients in achieving their objectives, we support clients on projects of all sizes. By staying true to our vision, we can make a positive impact on the world of automation and beyond.

Singh US

Technology Solutions Today for the Industries of Tomorrow

 Custom Automation provider for a variety of industries that includes automotive, medical, glass & food service. Core specialty in vision systems and Industry 4.0 protocols

Key Intellectual Property in thermal management for lighting,
lidar and other mobility solutions. 

Military-grade insulation technology applied to plastic injection-molding systems to achieve 20% efficiencies reducing carbon footprint and making NA competitive to low-cost countries.


Our Core Values are



Offering exclusive options with affordable rates, generating distinct opportunities for customers in a competitive market.


A trustworthy ally dedicated to upholding promises and delivering exceptional services to our clients.


Providing top-tier solutions and superior services to ensure unparalleled quality for our valued customers.


Empowering you for success, our assistance ensures your victory in achieving your goals and objectives.


Benefits of Automation

  • Enhanced worker safety, minimizing accidents
  • Improved product quality, reduced scrap, and errors
  • Consistent production rate, ensuring timely delivery
  • Increased profits through streamlined operations
  • Flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs and changes


Benefits of Automation

  • Enhanced worker safety, minimizing accidents
  • Improved product quality, reduced scrap, and errors
  • Consistent production rate, ensuring timely delivery
  • Increased profits through streamlined operations
  • Flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs and changes


Meet Our Core Team

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Gurdeep Singh

Owner Singh Automation and Chairman of SA

Chairman of the Board & Founding Partner at Singh Automation responsible for supervising the business, product development, and strategic planning.

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Jas Kaur

Owner Singh Automation and CFO of SA

CFO & Founding Partner at Singh Automation responsible for financial planning, management of financial risks, record keeping, and financial reporting.

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Charlie Rupert


CEO of Singh Vision Systems and is responsible for technology and business development as well as key corporate partnerships

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David Mih


General Manager at Singh Vision Systems responsible for the Kalamazoo production location with clear oversight and execution of day-to-day operations and program management.

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Ricardo del Olmo Parrado

Resource & Compliance Manager

Supporting operations, cross-functional teams, and maintaining project documentation compliance. Facilitating effective customer communication and fostering a positive team culture.

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Soorya Sridhar

Project Manager - Electrical

Electrical Project Manager and Operations at Singh Automation India responsible for Controls and Robot Programming, System Integration, PLC, and Project Management.


Sonny Singh

Operations Manager

Operations Manager at Singh Automation USA responsible for Mechanical, Fabrication, Assembly, FAT, SAT, System Integration.

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Mangay Peram

Vision Resource and Project Planner

Resource planning, documentation, annotation, model building, R&D, and admin support are crucial for efficient operations and innovation.

Team Engagement

At Singh Automation, we prioritize team engagement through regular team lunches and exciting fun trips, fostering a positive work environment. These gatherings not only fuel our bodies but also strengthen the camaraderie among our talented professionals.


Training Programme for KRESA

Lights, Camera, Automation Action!  Rhino Media brings you an exclusive look into Singh Automation’s collaboration with KRESA. Discover the benefits of our mechanical, electrical, and CAD solutions through the lens of innovation

Training Programme at Creekside High School

Our Team has presented an exclusive overview of the company, Robotics, Automation Industry, and related fields, he team discussed the exciting partnership with IUSD staff, and students to BUILD A GREETING ROBOT for the City of Irvine.

Training Programme at Irvine Unified School District

During the PLC Day, Singh Automation presented the company overview and discussed partnering with IUSD to create a GREETING ROBOT for Irvine. Grateful for the opportunity, they’re eager to collaborate with students, nurturing future innovators.

Training Programme at Air Zoo

Our Team conducted an exciting training program at Air Zoo for children, offering them cutting-edge automation expertise, engaging workshops, and networking opportunities. The event empowered young minds and sparked interest in the world of technology

Training Programme at Singh Automation

Our Team conducted a captivating training program for children at their facilities. The program aimed to spark young minds’ interest in automation and technology through engaging workshops and interactive learning. Stay tuned for future opportunities to inspire and educate the next generation!


We have headquarters in Michigan, sales branch in California, and a remote office in India